Theatres in London (1)

Honestly, I do not go to the theatres as often as I go to the cinema. Since I arrived in London, I only went to theaters 5 times to enjoy the play or the musical (including one we did not come into the theater) until the March 2017. This clip simply recorded when, where and what I came to.

1.1984— The first time I went to the theater to enjoy the play.

I was so excited when I saw the 1984 was shown in the theatre since I am fond of this novel and George Orwell. I went to see it with a Chilean friend and a friend she met in the bus stop~haha. Because we did not buy together so we did not sit together.

The shown was fabulous with the shocked stage effects and truehearted performance. The lights and sounds effectively reflected the scared and tense ambiance under the monitor of the big brother. But I have to admit that as the foreigner, some lines are too hard to understand for me. I needed to understand some lines by recalling the novel or just guessing. Another impressive thing in that day was that the man sat next to me is really really handsome… a young man-tall, blond hair, refined features, good sense of cloth and seems love arts. He distracted me a lot when the play began since I can’t help looking at him… After the play, I was so regretted why I have no courage to chat with him~~

2.The Boys in the Band. 

This show actually I have noticed for a long time, but I did not snatch the tickets for the premiere. I thought maybe I have no chance to see this play until one day I saw the play was showing. And that day is the last show, so I immediately bought the tickets even though I was so tired at that day since I just came back from Norway. The show did not disappoint me, it was so funny and amusing.

The details I have written in the former post. This is the Link.

3.The Lion King

There was the accident in that day. My friend and I bought the tickets through the group, but they stood us up. Until we arrived the theatre, they told us there was no ticket for tonight……. We were so angry and speechless. Therefore, we took some photos outside the theatre…. That the only thing we obtain in that day……. In that day, there were lots of people lined in the theatre, most of them were seem like the students in the group. After all, it is the famous cartoon all over the world.

Did not see the show, we strolled in the South Bank to enjoy the night scene and chatted for several hours. This could be regarded as the special experience to some degree for me.

4.Les Miserable  

The show was amazing! Alought the lyrics are hard for us to totally understand, by recalling the novel it is no barrier to master the plots.

The novel written by Hugo are regarded as the masterpiece because it is originally not only recorded the Jean Valjean’s life, more importantly, it reflected the life in French during the 19 centuries including the Napoleonic wars and revolt. It grandly involved the profound condition of the society. This grand novel adapted to the musical further presented the magnificent momentum. For example, the chorus, in the beginning, was impressive.

屏幕快照 2017-05-10 14.23.58

Main characters obviously performed very well, like Javert, he sang with the sense of justice, there are also some supports impressed me a lot. Especially, the owners of the tavern,  these two actors vividly and wonderfully acted the little people’s trickiness with comical behavior and language. The scene of the war was also brilliant~


屏幕快照 2017-05-10 13.50.07

The actors and staffs are all brilliant. Even I sat far from the stage which located on the third floor, I could totally hear their voice clearly and powerfully. I even had eye contacts with some actors, I felt their passion and emotion they would like to convey to the audience. In a word, It was a bravo performance!

5.Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

This play is really hard to snatch the rush tickets, we snatched nearly 3 weeks. Finally, we got it! It was the first time I sat in the first row, it was a quiet different experience for me. I can clearly see the setting, they are 100% restore the life which made the stage really like the living room; I can smell the cigarettes when they are smoking; I can see the pieces of the broken glass; I can easily have the eye contacts with the actors……. By the way, Luke Treadaway  who acts Nick is handsome~ it is enjoyable to have the eye contact with him hahahah~

Frankly, the play is a full of funny which is out of my expectation. I thought it might be a serious play to explore the marriage between the middle-aged. But when the show started, the audience always can’t help laughing including me~ The actors are completely into the role. Especially, the last scene, Imelda Staunton devoted all her heart to present her despair, making me can’t help applaud for her!!

It is quiet enjoyable experience to see the play in the theatre~ During writing the post I have already booked the tickets for the curious incident of the dog in the night-time~




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