I have never thought that one day I would cry for the Marvel film in the cinema. This blog might simply write about my thoughts about this film instead of my experience in the cinema since I entirely threw myself into the story.





Although there were lots of friends have seen the Logan, I went to see it without any spoilers. The result was that I can’t help sobbing within several minutes when the film started. Logan gradually has the gray hair and wear the reading glasses with intermittent coughs, the gradually worse self-healing capability, all of these made me feel pity for the late evening of the hero. As one Chinese poetry says that the most rotten matter is that the beauties are aging, the heroes are in the late life. 





During the whole professorfilm, besides the Logan and his relationship with Laura, the most melting plots or character is definitely the Professor. His first appearance in this film, a frail old man who has been a long confinement to the bed in the ragged water storage tank and he also has been tortured by senile dementia. What constantly bearing in my mind is the spirited, intelligent and vigorous young Charles. He could have the peaceful and steady life if he did not choose the way. However, the reality is that he is no longer young, and he lost his walking ability, his hair and now even can’t use the telepathy. The merciless reality and contrast touched my grieved point, but what caused my emotional turbulence is that even has been experienced such pain and difficulties, his inherent has never ever changed. IMG_7834When he pacified Laura with soft view; When he hurt people since he could not control his power, he regrettably say sorry for them when he was pushed by Logan in the wheelchair  in a hurry; When he asked Logan to stop the car to calm down the horses in the road by the telepathy, I could not help crying. Although he has suffered the deepest pain as well as the darkest corners, there still the light of hope in his eyes just like the young Charles gently treating the world. Nevertheless, the world did not treat him as tender as what he did.


FullSizeRender 2

It is so magical that even I know their world is imaginary, I  am still unable to restrain my regrets and grief for them. Maybe because the series film of ‘X-Men‘ constructed a relatively authentic world, maybe because they companied with us for a while, we feel pity for our own times, or maybe as the onlookers, we saw all their experiences empathizing with them.

There was a news yesterday that they will film the X-men: Apocalypse in June, I am pleased that James McAvoy would return,  however, there is no more the Wolverine, we knew the ending about X-men.


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