The Boys In The Band

Actually, after watching the Hacksaw Ridge tonight, I was little hesitated about posting this movie or the play. Finally, I decided to post this play. The Hacksaw Ridge maybe in the next week posting.

This play I would like to see in October, but at that time, the tickets were all sold out. I even wrote the INS to complain.


So when I unintentionally found the tickets in the apps and only 26 pounds could get the seat in the stalls, I firmly booked the ticket. Even I just come back to London from Norway and has lots of work to do….


The show played at the Vaudeville Theatre which is totally an unfamiliar place for me. With the help of Citymapper, I successfully arrived at the theater. It could not be regarded as the splendid building, but I easily saw the ads of The Boys in the Band.

However, some staffs in the theater are indifferent which made me not so pleased. When I asked the staff with the smile ‘can I collect tickets here?’ the staff just say ‘yes, what’s your family name?’. After taking the tickets then turned to chat with others, even did not notice my ‘thank you’. This made me not so happy but once thinking I could appreciate the play, I just forget this small episode.  After all, this kind of indifferent situation does not frequently happen. There are more warm people in the world, such as the uncle sit next to me, he is so kind.


The beginning of the show lays the relaxing and funny ambiance of the play.  One person said ‘ The show is beginning, please turn off the phone, that stuff, not matter how you named it…. do not film or record blalalala, otherwise I will scoop out your eyes.’

Then the show began, It is the completely excellent performance, every actor played well. They amused audience by their consummate performance. For example, Mark, who is famous for the Sherlock in China, showed up at the end of first act, just a few seconds, but his clothing and detailed behavior and laughter has already made the audience laugh out and made us know part of his personality.


Besides the wonderful performance, another impressive point is the audience which contained different age group, from the teenagers to the old. For the topic of this play refers to not only the friendship and love but also the homosexuality. It is quite surprising for me there are lots of older couples to watch the show. Especially, this topic is pretty sensitive in China so I could not image the situation that the old and the teenager sit together to watch a play about homosexuality. Or could we see such play around the homosexual topic in the China some day? I hope we could in the future.


Mark Gatiss and Ian Hallard on Boys in the Band, they are so sweet~

This is the link to the homepage of the play:


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