BAFTA screenwriters’ lecture–Park Chan-Wook in BFI Southbank

Honestly, this is a review of the Park Chan-Wook’s lecture which was held on 22nd October 2016.

One day, the BFI sent the email to early inform me that the Korean director Park Chan-Wook was going to have the lecture in the BFI (This is the few priorities of the BFI membership that we can book some tickets in advance). Since that time, I just watched the film ‘The Handmaiden ’and it strongly impressed me, then I booked the tickets without any hesitate.

That day, I arrived on time~ The reason why I remember so clearly is because I had been late for several times when I watched the film in BFI. The adaption of Odeon’s long time ads before the film made me be used to getting little late for the film. But, as we know, the situation is totally different in BFI, there display the film accurately on time.


I arrived early around 10mins, there were already half people sitting in the seats. Maybe because the Park Chan-wook is an Asian director, there were plenty of Asian faces among the audience comparing with the last lecture about the Almodovar just have one Asian faces which are me~~

Then I found my seat, it was so close and central to the stage, which made me pretty excited. How wonderful it was! And it just cost me 7.55 pounds, which was amazing! There is an Asian girl sat on my right-hand side and the English girl seat on my left who is really enthusiastic and friendly. She talked to me something about her opinion about Park’s film.


The lecture started, after the short introduction, they played the short film Night Fishing directed by Park and his brother. And all the film was shot by the iPhone 4.  This short film including many elements, thriller (the ghosts), comedic elements, the traditional sacrifice related to the culture. When went the climax of the film, the sacrifice, I was a little concerned that could the western people understand this kind of activities?

Another thing is that I have to say that just using the phone to film such short movie with one climax following another is incredible, however, from my opinion that the most significant part in a successful film is the capacity of the director instead of the device. After all, such a film could not easily be filmed by the amateurs. It has the professional shots and editing. Additionally, the main actress impressed me a lot. She is the singer actually, I also watched her entertainment program. But nowadays, she began acted in some films. At the night fishing, she acted well, especially for the last sequence, it was really infectious which made me could not ensure that she is the singer I know. Until her name showed in the end, I completely confirmed that was she!

Also, there was a fun that when the film play to the ghost came back to life again, the young man sat in front of me (whose back head has shown in the previous photo ) was seeing the film through the fingers, which was so cute!! And  it reminded me of myself when I saw the thriller~

After the film, Park gave us the lecture about the screenwriters, the girl in my left was continually taking the notes. And the interpreter was so earnest and hardworking, he used more than a full notebook to write down the notes and even had no time to have the water. His hardworking attitudes also impressed the host. And there is a detail between Park and his cooperated screenwriter moved me. As for the Q&A, I was quite surprised that there were so many people interested in his film in the UK. Some of them watched lots of his films.

I have to admit that I really enjoy such activities, it made me–an amateur,  feel closer to the film and filmdom.


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