Paris & French New Wave

This is the beginning of Les Quatre Cents Coups (1959).The starting scene was made up of a series of shots of Eiffel Tower shot from different angles and streets; all kinds of Parisian buildings appeared in the foreground.

Last weekend, our group had a short trip to the Paris. We went to the most famous scenery spots in Paris, almost everyone would like to visit when they travel to Paris. In the meantime, I have the optional course–the French New Wave. In this period, not only the movie staffs are always the cinephiles with the sincere passion and love for film, but also love for the Paris, the city the lived. Therefore,  besides cinema, there always displayed the street and sightseeing of Paris in the movies. Like the clip, the beginning of the Les Quatre Cents Coups, Truffaut spent more than 2 mins to show the street in Paris. It could be regarded as the presentation of the truehearted love to this land.

(the street outside the window in the hotel which is near Les Champs-Elysees)

The day we arrived in Pairs, it was quite gloomy and cloudy. Also since it was Sunday, so there were nearly no one in the street with the bare branches.  But after the lunch, the sun went out for the work which was fortunate~ we enjoyed the sunset and the Pairs in the night scene. It was the brilliant and amazing experience.

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(photographed in the top of La Tour Eiffel,

La seine with sunset

the vesperal Paris)

In the New French Wave films, due to the limited budget, the directors always chose to shoot outside in the street and the cafe instead of the studio. This time I would like to share some scenery spots displayed in the film.

La Tour Eiffel

  • a-bout-de-souffle-j-l-godard-1960                 
  • A bout de souffle (J-L Godard 1960)
  • 400-fLes Quatre Cents Coups (1959)
  • zazie-dans-le-metro-louis-malle-1960
  • Zazie dans le métro (Louis Malle 1960)lhomme-qui-vendit-la-tour-eiffel-claude-chabrol-in-les-plus-belles-escroqueries-du-monde-1964
  •  ‘L’Homme qui vendit la Tour Eiffel’ (Claude Chabrol), in Les Plus Belles Escroqueries du monde (1964)
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    (La Tour Eiffel in different angles & times)

Arc de Triomphe



Les Bonnes Femmes (Claude Chabrol 1960)

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(the Arc de Triomphe in New French Wave)


It is quite unimaginable that I walked in the path where they shot the film and made the classic and history.

 Porte Saint Denis


Une femme est une femme (J-L Godard 1961)

But I didn’t come to here this time, maybe next time~

Notre-Dame de Paris


Les Laches vivent d’espoir (Claude Bernard-Aubert 1961)


(photographed by me, 2017)

There always are something changeable and something permanent. Actually, we saw there was a group staff shooting the film in the Les Champs-Elysees one night. Maybe one day, that film will also become the classic, who knows~


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