The Dream, The Life.

After submitted the first drafts, we went to the cinema to see the hottest films for two days in a row. One is the La La land, another is the Manchester By The Sea. Both of them have been nominated various awards on different occasions.


(the tickets for these two movies)

We occasionally went to the same odeon to see the film, which is in the Covent Gardon. This cinema I have been to several times before. It was always not busy at all. But on 14th Jan, it was the first time I saw the cinema was crowded with people in such narrow hall. Maybe since that day is the Friday night for fun~ Maybe because the La La land showed, who knows ╮(╯▽╰)╭

It was regretful that I didn’t catch the crowded, I am not a qualified blogger yet (。_。)


(The odeon in Covent Garden, photographing after the film)


Focusing on these two movies. One is so romantic one is so realistic.


La La land is a romantic and beautiful story in terms of love & dream. Charming hero and heroine, beautiful love story,  fascinating mucic and dancing,  fabulous Los Angeles…… All of these create a fairytale world.  I believe that everyone who has seen the film could not forget the last 10 mins around. When we found Mia’s husband is the stranger instead of Sebastian, the successful life of Mia without Sebastian, I felt a pity for them, for their love. When I saw the last sequence with the montage in terms of their imaginary life, I can’t help crying.  Not only the story but more about the film.That’s how romantic and magical emotions reappearance! It is the charm of the film, something the life can not give, the film can give you!






Manchester by the sea is totally a realistic story to break up the unrealistic image, revealing the cruelty and adversity in our lives. Instead of the youth audience, that day we were surrounded by the Middle-aged man. We seemed to be the only two young ladies in that screen….. The past has been miserable and heavy for Lee, the life with his nephew is relaxing and funny. With laugh and tears, maybe that is life. There is no fairytale ending. It should be understandable that Everyone has the right not to reconcile himself with the past. The uncle sat behind us has been sobbing in the second half of the film. I guessed that he must have had too much to say about life.





After the film and saying goodbye to my friend. On the double-decker bus, I saw people coming and passing by.There are sweet couples in hand,friends at the station to embrace to bid farewell, also overtime staffs expressionlessly queue to checkout in the Tesco…….

That is the life in London, maybe you love it, maybe you hate it. No matter what, this is the place you are living now. If you are tired, maybe the film is the habitat for you to have a respite.

Deam is like the stars in the sky, maybe you can never touch, but if you follow them, they will lead you to find the way of life.

To have the most simple life and the most distant dream.


(photographing on the way home)


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